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Are you Licensed, bounded, and insured?
At Palm Property Management we have Licensed Property Managers and are insured to practice property management regulated by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  Also, Palm Property Management, LLC is directly responsible for every trust account. 

Are you required to get my permission to have a repair made?
With our management agreement most owners choose the repair limit of $300 for any non emergency repairs.  If the estimated cost exceeds $300, then we must get your approval to proceed.  If there is an emergency repair, we will handle immediately based on our judgment and experience in order to protect your property.

Can I handle my own maintenance?
If you are very good at maintenance, or like being more hands on, you always have the option of taking care of the maintenance of your property on your own. In our experience, most people who attempt to be the “maintenance man,” or even the supervisor end up with more down time, a lot of personal involvement, and more money out of pocket. If maintenance is your expertise, go for it… otherwise we suggest you leave it to the experts. If you handle your own maintenance, we strongly encourage you to use a Home Warranty Company.

Can I sell the property to someone else if the tenant can’t buy it?
Yes! The tenant is protected during the term of the lease agreement. If you can’t wait until the lease term expires and we have put in the “60-day notice clause” still gives you the option to sell the property even though the lease hasn’t expired.  Our management agreement places no limit on you selling the property to someone other than the tenant.  We can offer a seamless process to list and sell your property if you request this service.

Do you have your own maintenance crew or do you have to hire contractors?
We contract maintenance out to several local, licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.  Our subcontractors include cleaners, carpet cleaners, plumbers, electricians, refer techs, painters, carpenters, roofers, etc. 

How do you handle Maintenance issues?
Whether it is your primary home or a rental, things do go wrong in a home. The easiest way to lose a great tenant is to be careless with maintenance, or let the property condition decline. We advocate being very proactive with maintenance to keep the relationship with the tenant strong, and to preserve the value of your investment. This aspect of your investment strategy is so critical that we strongly avoid cutting corners and going with the cheapest possible solution. There is usually a reason one painter is half the price of the other… and it sometimes means paying the good contractor to do it right after you tried to save a little money. We will leverage our volume to get you a good job for a fair price.

How do you screen tenants?

We make every effort to ensure that we are putting the most qualified tenants in our rental properties.  While we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, or familial status we can discriminate on the basis of credit, criminal, and rental history.

A thorough background check is crucial to avoid costly mistakes with your property.  While no background check can eliminate the risk of a problem tenant, our thorough examination of their rental history, eviction report, credit report, criminal background check can significantly reduce your risk.

How does Palm Property Management collect the rent?
We offer as our 1st option online payments via direct deposit and credit card.  Our 2nd option is a drop box, which we ask for money orders only.  This way the tenant has a receipt.  Our 3rd option is mailing it in through the USPS, which has been a 3 to 12 day turnaround time. 

Month to month lease
In this situation, Palm Property Management requires a sixty-day notice by the tenants if they intend to move out. This gives us notice to begin searching for new tenants. If the tenant does not want to sign a new 12 month lease, the rent will be increased $100 per month on a month to month lease.  In regards to signing a new lease, if we sign a new lease with the current tenants then the terms of that lease are now honored by both parties. The home owner is made aware of any changes before any leases are signed and agreed to with the tenants.

What if a tenant pays late? How do you deal with it and when and how do you handle evictions?
Rent is due on the 1st and late on the 5th of each month. If we do not receive the rent or a call and explanation by the end of business on the 5th, we will give one courtesy call and letter on the door.  If we have not received the rent by end of business on the 10th we will start the eviction process.  We will also follow through with the garnishment procedures and collections if need be.

What type of leases do you offer?
We offer a standard lease that complies with all state and federal laws to include all Fair Housing Laws. Leases can generally be 12 to 24 months in length with the option to renew if the tenant qualifies.

When can I expect an owner check from Palm Property Management?

We can cycle owner payments once a month by direct deposit on the 15th so there is never a “check in the mail.” Remember, you have online access to your accounting so you don’t need to call to know exactly when the tenant paid, or what your next check should look like.  We can mail it as a last resort.  

Where and how do you advertise?
We advertise through a variety of means including but not limited to print advertisement, social media, radio, and media relations. 


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